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•• Actual Position

Teaching Associate in the Dept of Electronics, Technological Educational Institute of Lamia, Greece

Research Associate in the Opt. Communications Laboratory, Dept of Informatics & Telecommunications, University of Athens, Greece

•• Education


PhD in Photonics

University of Limoges &
IRCOM-UMR CNRS 6615 (France)
(now part of XLIM Institute)


DEA in Optoelectronics & High Frequency Electronics

University of Limoges
( France)


Physics Diploma

University of Athens

•• Research & Scientific Employments

2008 - today

Associate Researcher

Opt. Communications Laboratory, Dept of Informatics & Telecommunications,
Univ. of Athens(Greece)

2003 - 2006

Senior  Scientist

Forth-Photonics (Athens, Greece)

2002 - 2003

Post Doctoral Research Fellow

POMA laboratory (Angers, France)


 Invited Lecturer

IUT of Angers (France)

•• Teaching Employments

2006- today

Teaching Associate

Depts of Electronics & Informatics
TEI of Lamia (Greece)


Lecturer (PD 407/80)

Dept of Primary Education)
University of Thessalia (Greece),


Teaching Associate

Greek Open University
( Patras, Greece)

1998 - 2002

Teaching Associate  

BTS Genie Optique
Chambre de Commerce & Industrie
(Angouleme, France)

•• Research Programs


IRON  (Industrial Research)

PRII  (French National Research Program) 


•• Research Interests

Quantum dot lasers

Nonlinear Optics: All-optical signal processing, spatial solitons 

Nonlinear characterization of materials

Optical technologies for biomedical applications

Characterization and metrology of optical fibers and waveguides


•• Skills

Languages: Fluent use of English, French and Greek. Good use of Spanish

Computing: Experienced programmer in Matlab Mathematica. Familiar with Labview. Familiar in signal & image processing techniques.