World Year of Physics 2005

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            Physics Conference at TEI of Lamia 

                           7 October 2005


On the occassion of the World Year of Physics 2005 and the 100th anniversary of Theory of Relativity, the Department of Electronics of Technological Educational University of Lamia is organising a Conference with title "An adventure in the mysteries and the development of modern physics". The complete program of the conference is as follows:

Morning Session Chair:
Alexandros Kehagias
Assistant Professor, Theoretical Particle  Physics, National Technical University of Athens

09:00 -- 10.00
Video about the life of Albert Einstein
10:00 -- 10:15
Georgios Gioftsos, President of TEI of Lamia
Nikolaos Assimakis, Assistant Professor, Head of Department of Electronics
Opening and Welcome
10:15 -- 11.00
Nikolaos Mavromatos
Professor, Theoretical Particle Physics, Kings College, University of London
11.00 -- 11.45
Christos Zerefos
Professor, Atmospheric Physics, University of Athens
11.45 -- 12.00
Coffee break
12.00 -- 12.45
Nikolaos Tracas
Associate Professor, Theoretical Particle Physics, National Technical University of Athens
12.45 -- 13.30
Kostas Gavroglou
Professor, Philosophy of Physics, University of Athens
Honorary Award to Associate  Professor Spiros Roulis on the occasion of his retirement

Evening session Chair :
Lazaros Apekis
Associate Professor, Electronic Physics, National Technical University of Athens

16.15 -- 16.30
Athanasios Kanapitsas
Associate Professor, Electronic Physics, Techological Educational Institute of Lamia
16.30 -- 17.15
Costas Christodoulides
Associate Professor, Physics,National Technical University of Athens
17.15 -- 18.00
Eleutherios Economou
Professor, Theoretical Condensed Matter  Physics, University of Crete
18.00 -- 18.45
Constantinos Alissandrakis
Professor, Solar and Space Physics, University of Ioannina
18.45 -- 19.00
Coffee Break
19.00 -- 19.45
Dimitris Psillos
Professor, Didactics of Science, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
19.45 -- 20.30
Dionisis Simopoulos
Director of  Eugenides Planetarium  
20:30 -- 21.00
Open discussion

For more information  you should contact Nicholas Petropoulos : nicholas(AT)

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