Postgraduate Level

  • Supervisor of Doctoral Thesis in collaboration with Prof. J. Oldham, Univ. of Manchester, on the subjects:
    1. "Development of valid and reliable measurement tools to assess the efficacy of manipulation and mobilization for patients with mechanical neck disorders", Dr. N. Strimpakos(2004),
    2. “Important clinical features in non-specific low back pain in Greece. An international perspective with emphasis on the Greek healthcare setting ”, Dr. Ev. Billis (2009), and
    3. “Vastus medialis Oblique – Vastus Lateralis muscle imbalance in Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome (PFPS) patients”, Ph.D candidate Mr. P. Trigkas (expected to completed on 2010).

  • 1991-1994 Teaching measurement methods of movement in MSc students of ergonomics in the University of London (University College London). Monitoring of research work of the above-mentioned students.
  • Member of the Preparation Committee for the Program of Studies of the web-based Masters in Physiotherapy that was financed by the Socrates/Erasmus in collaboration with the Universities: University College Dublin (Ireland), TEI of Lamia (Greece), (Portugal), (France) and (Brussels).

Undergraduate Level

  • 1996-98. Laboratory collaborator in Physiotherapy Dept., Lamia Institute of Technology.
  • 1998-today. Permanent teaching stuff of Lamia Institute of Technology.
    Main teaching subjects: Kinesiology, Biomechanics and Exercise Therapy.

Other Level

  • Instructor of the course " Research Methodology at the Institute of Vocational Training at the Administrative Executive Sports Department during the winter semester 1997-98 as well as the course of " Physiotherapy " at the Department of Sports Coach.
  • Instructor of the program for the training of unemployed in the "Planning and Implementation of Tourist Sports Programmes" that was conducted by the T.E.I. of Lamia (35 hours of teaching, November-December 1997).