General Biographical Note
  • I was born in Attica (Greece) by Greek parents, Nikolaos and Angeliki, with origin from the Asia Minor.
  • I was living in Attica until 1989, when I moved to England for studies. In 1996 I completed my military obligations and since I live in Lamia.
  • I am wedded with Vasiliki Sakellari and have two sons, Nikolas and Panagiotis.
  • I have studied Physical Therapy and completed postgraduate and doctoral studies in the area of human movement. I dealt with the rehabilitation of patients, with the education and the research in the relative area, as well as with the management of Technological Sector of Higher Education.
  • For professional and scientific reasons I have visited England, Spain, Ireland, France, Canada, Turkey, Cyprus, Switzerland, Germany, Sweden, Italy, Denmark, Belgium and Czech Republic.
  • I love the environment, the plants, the animals and the sea while I like to create and learn continuously something new. I spend my free time on driving as well as on computing and gardening.